sublime apothēca

We are proud to offer our own line of health & wellness products at Liminal Space Healing Arts under the name Sublime Apothēca.

We will continue to add new products along the way, including our own loose leaf herbal tea blends. Currently we are proud to introduce our new line of herb & crystal mists…

These body & linen mists are made from the finest ingredients that we can, from the micro-filtered, purified water we use, to the ethically and sustainably sourced essential oils that come from a small company that personally sources their oils from around the world.

Since these oils come from real plants they are full of vitality. These are not chemically produced scents made in a lab, nor are these oils from any of the many large essential oil corporations or marketing programs.

As people that are passionate about plant conservation, we are also concerned about the over harvesting of at-risk-plants, not only for essential oils, but for any kind of herbal preparation. Because of that, we always want to be thoughtful about the plants we are using and where they come from. (For example, the Sandalwood tree is considered endangered from over-harvesting. Because of that, the Sandalwood we use another variety, Australian Sandalwood, which is sustainably cultivated on farms.)

In addition to the plants these mists contain, they are also enhanced with various stones and crystals to bring even more harmony and support to these mists.

These mists are perfect for lightly spraying over yourself or your pillows and linens.

Please be aware that although these mists have a very light ephemeral fragrance, the power of the plants in these mists are still there long after the fragrance seems to be gone. These mists are much more than just beautiful fragrances, they are also powerful plant allies that work with our bodies. Along with what the plants and stones in these mists have to share, we put lots of love and intention into them, too, so we are sure that you will enjoy them as much as we do.

And please don’t forget to shake well!

SOLIEL sunny + joyful – Imagine a warm summer day full of delightful flowers that open your heart.  This mist is a little bit of sunshine in a bottle.  The special lavender in this blend is grown in the French Alps.  Close your eyes and you will find yourself there.

Lavender, Vanilla, Orange Blossom
& Amethyst
INTOXICATINGethereal + timeless – This special edition mist is made of some of the most rare and precious flowers on earth.  Its rich blooms create a light, centering fragrance that can be worn during the day, or are perfect as they wrap you with their mystery and magic at night.

White Rose, Jasmine, Rare Blue Lotus
& Rose Quartz
LVNA serene + lucent – Calming and soothing to the soul – like sitting under the moonlight and stars. Perfect for both bedtime and also during the day for those moments when you want to feel more bright and serene.

Sandalwood*, Frankincense, Chamomile, Neroli, Orange Blosssom
& Moonstone
ADIRONDACK WALK verdant + earthy – Like  breathing in clear, crisp mountain air while you walk in the forest.  This mist is both relaxing and grounding, as well as stimulating and uplifting. Take a walk with harmony and balance.

Spruce, Cedar, Patchouli, Rosemary
& Real Herkimer Diamond
REFLECTIONtranscendent + peaceful – Transformative, soothing, and a little mysterious, this mist supports insight and inspiration, as well as helping to deepen and expand the breath, making it a wonderful companion for meditative practices or just to bring some calm into your life.

Sandalwood*, Frankincense, Cedar, Cypress
& Golden Quartz

Available at The Sublime Shop at Liminal Space Healing Arts & from our good friends at Yeast Nashville (East Nashville only)!

* sustainably cultivated australian sandalwood