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We are so glad that you have questions, and so glad we can help answer them for you! Here are a few we have been asked…


What happens at an herbal consultation?

Our herbal consultations consist of an in-depth intake at the first appointment, from which we will create a formula or formulas for you or recommend existing formulas, as well as give diet and lifestyle recommendations. Those recommendations will then be shared with you at a follow up appointment.

What is your approach to creating herbal formulas?

Our holistic approach incorporates many traditions including Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and various European and North American traditions. Our formulas bring the best of all of these traditions together and are created uniquely for you.

Why can’t I just tell you my symptom and get an herb for that problem?

Our approach seeks to understand what the cause of symptoms are and not just in suppressing the symptoms. We also believe in supporting your body to address those imbalances. Because of this approach, and the way herbs work, most of the time it may take some time to resolve issues.

Once you create a unique formula or recommendation for me where can I get those herbs?

You will have several options for getting the herbs you need. If it is an unique formula for you, we may be able to create it for you depending on the herbs needed or we can send the formula to a herbal pharmacy that we work with to compound it for you and you can buy it directly from them. Sometimes, if you prefer, we can recommend companies to order them direct, depending on the formula.

Because each case will be different, and because we chose to keep a limited stock of herbs on hand, so that you can always have the freshest quality herbs and products, the options may vary.

Why can’t I just get my herbs from a local store or large online provider?

We almost never recommend that people get herbal products from local stores or large online providers, because most of the time the contents are of very low quality and often may be of suspect contents. We always use or recommend companies that we are confident are of the highest quality. And as practitioners we have access to herbs that may not be available direct to the general public.d


What is Daoist Stone Medicine?

Daoist Stone Medicine is energy work rooted in ancient Classical Chinese Medicine practices that were used to help restore balance to the body and spirit, as well as encouraging health and wellness.  These treatments are traditionally used for work at a constitutional level for physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, soul, ancestral, and other issues. These treatments use various types of stones, which are placed on acupuncture points and meridians, please be aware though that this is NOT acupuncture.  Herbs, essential oils, sound, bodywork, and other types of energy work may also be included to help bring transformation and balance. 

What is a stone session typically like?

Stone sessions typically include a short intake, and are done on a massage table. Stones chosen especially for you will be placed on various acupuncture points and held in place with gentle medical tape. Stones never pressed in to the or puncture it. Many people fall into a gentle sleep during the treatment. We can also incorporate these treatments into massage sessions.

How often should I come for stone medicine treatments?

It often depends on what the sessions are for. For certain types of treatments, we recommend a set of 3 treatments, once a month, although this is not necessary.


What should I expect at my first massage appointment?

At your first appointment we will spend some extra before your massage doing a thorough intake, so that we can understand exactly what a massage tailored to you looks like, as well as understanding specific issues that we may need to focus on.

Then when we are done talking, we will step out to give you privacy while you get settled on the massage table.

Will I have to get completely undressed to have a massage?

We allow people to get undressed to whatever their comfort level is, but there are a few state laws that we must follow. Genitalia must always be covered – no exceptions. We can, if you are comfortable with it, work on your gluteal area (that place that you sit on!), but it will be done through sheets. State law requires that female clients must have their breasts covered. Our practice is to treat all persons as equals, so we use breast drapes on all clients regardless of gender.

In general for the rest of the body areas, usually the entire body is draped except for the area that we are working on.

I am self-conscious about my body, do I need to have my entire body worked on?

There are a few important things to share about this question.

Firstly, you are always in charge of your body, whether it is what you are comfortable with, or what you want worked on. You will never be pressured or shamed here. We will always show respect for your decisions.

Secondly, regarding body image – the culture around us can put a lot of pressure on what we should look like, from pretty much every angle you can think of. That won’t happen here. We are licensed healthcare professionals who happen to believe that the human body is an amazing and wonderful thing. We are honored that you trust us with yours, and will only offer respect in return.

I have some health care issues. How do I know if massage is safe for me?

This is one of the many reasons we like to do a thorough intake. While many people with health conditions may safely receive massage, there are some that should not receive it. We are trained to help you walk through this, an if we feel that it would not be in your best interest to receive massage, we will tell you. Your well-being is our top priority.

How often do people usually get massage?

That all depends on the person and why they may be getting massage. Some people like to routinely get massage for general relaxation and well-being. Some people come to address a specific therapeutic issue and may come more often for a limited period of time. It is all up to you.


What about some of the other modalities that you offer? How do I know what those will be like?

We are always happy to discuss any modality that we offer that we think might be helpful for you, in addition to massage. If you have specific questions feel free to reach out on our contact form.

Why do you use the term “healing arts”?

We use this term because we believe that what we do is an art, and because the state of Tennessee defines massage therapy as one of the “healing arts”:
0870-01-.04 (1) Massage therapy is one of the healing arts and, as such, the practice is restricted to those persons issued a credential by this Board. 

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